mortgage, construction loan Atlanta

How it works

You can get money for your home by filling out our simple online application form or speak with one of our friendly representatives. Applications take usually as little as 10 minutes. We instantly inform you whether your credit application has been approved and the decision about getting the money is fast and usually last no more than an hour.

Reasons to lend with us

We know that buying a new house is very important both financially and emotionally, and this is why we've prepared mortgage and construction loan offers to make lending in our company rewarding and pleasant for you. It is up to you what sum of money you want to borrow and in what period of time you want to pay back the money. We take pride in meeting our customers needs in every single step of the loan process. Our experienced staff is always eager to help you with doubts or worries. Getting credit for a home contributes to improve you credit score and can build positively your credit history in the future.